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Leadership development
Develop leadership and grow your people and your results
Cultural awareness
Understand cultural behavior and succeed with your business and your teams
Invest in coaching to unlock your talent and their potential
Develop leadership
and grow your people and their results
Train leaders in raising their self-awareness to manage themselves and others
Understand yourself and how you lead effectively

Boldsteps helps leaders take bold action and reach the results they want and be the authentic people leaders they wish to be.

I want my clients to have the impact they dream of, for themselves and for the business and they people they work with.


I have used Lena as my coach during a program lasting for 6 months. The topics I worked with during the period were diverse, as my job at that time gave me a number of challenges and a very steep learning curve.

Through the coaching Lena facilitated with me, I could see a clear direction and be very sharp on my priorities, no matter how chaotic I felt my job situation was. Lena sees me and she hears me – also the things I do not articulate or do not realize myself. She challenges me to make decisions to act on the goals I have set for myself ...
Eva Hyldgaard
I had been following the “right” way (as I was told to) in my studies and career for many years as most typical Chinese would do.

I feel empowered and committed after each session with her. 
Zhang Yu