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Cultural awareness

Help your leaders and experts be prepared and succeed when working with cross-cultural teams

Succeed with multicultural teams and cross cultural business

Culture can be the component that makes – or breaks – a deal. It can be the driver for innovation and accelerated problem solving, and it can be the source for conflict.

How we work together, how we lead, delegate tasks, make decisions and negotiate is influenced not only by our personalities, but by our cultural backgrounds. Therefore, understanding and navigating across cultures has an impact on how proficiently you reach your business goals.

Preparing talent to succeed abroad

Expatriating talent to China? Or Asian talent to Europe? Are experts sent to your China organisation to support strategic projects, develop teams, or do they come to learn from their Chinese colleagues and the Chinese market?

Help your leaders and experts be prepared, when they pursue a career or lead a project that involves expatriating to complex cultures.

With more than 10+ years of experience working in and with Chinese teams who interact with Western cultures, I train and coach business managers, project managers and specialists – Chinese and non-Chinese – on how to create successful collaboration and sustainable business results, in cross-cultural teams and projects.   


How you benefit