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What Clients Say

Develop yourself professionally and personally

Eva Hyldgaard


I have used Lena as my coach during a program lasting for 6 months. The topics I worked with during the period were diverse, as my job at that time gave me a number of challenges and a very steep learning curve.

Through the coaching Lena facilitated with me, I could see a clear direction and be very sharp on my priorities, no matter how chaotic I felt my job situation was. Lena sees me and she hears me – also the things I do not articulate or do not realize myself. She challenges me to make decisions to act on the goals I have set for myself.

Lena’s international position and experience contributes to the coaching and reflection by giving me a broad perspective and helping me think big. Her insight into organizations, leadership and human processes combined with her focus and presence helps me in each coaching session to get to an action plan and act on my dreams and goals.

Being coached by Lena feels like she is holding my hand in a unique, proactive, caring and professional way, right where you need it.

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Tina Donslund

Head of Talent & People, Trackunit

Growing talents through coaching and mental fitness training.

What started as an act of kindness and support to Trackunit people at the beginning of the pandemic has turned into an accelerator for leadership development for talent at Trackunit. Very early in the pandemic, all employees were offered coaching to help them cope with the uncertainty and challenges they experienced due to the covid-19 situation.

Lena Hørlyk Petersen, Boldsteps, supported Trackunit people with a safe space for coaching conversations during the pandemic to support them with issues they were challenged by and areas they wanted to develop or work with. Lena and Trackunit quickly saw that coaching was a facilitator for developing leadership competencies.

Today, Trackunit offers mental fitness training, a program also known as Positive Intelligence, supported by coaching sessions to help talent unfold.

Some of the results that Trackunit and employees experience from this are improved performance, healthier relationships with internal and external stakeholders and better wellbeing.

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Lars Oestergaard

Commercial Manager

I was going to through a tough time at work and was left with the feeling that the job I just love, was no longer satisfying for me; I simply needed a change.

I used Lena Hørlyk Petersen to help me identify my core values and what I find important in my job. She also helped me get past several of my mental roadblocks.

Today, I am more clear about what I need to do next in order to find the right next step in my career.

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Zhang yu

Business Development and Launch Manager

I had been following the “right” way (as I was told to) in my studies and career for many years as most typical Chinese would do.

But through the coaching sessions, I have been exposed to challenging questions that triggered me to think about who I am and what is important to me. Instead of the routines and choices that I lived by for many years without reasoning any bit, this coaching experience has lifted me to understand myself better and given me the courage to look for what I really want.

I have made the decision to leave the place that I have been working for 14 years and to start with a new exciting opportunity. Although I feel anxious and terrified with the uncertainties that the changes may bring, those changes have actually led me to more good things than I would have ever thought about.

I am actually seriously consulting Lena about becoming a coach so I can help others develop in their life and career as I have been helped.

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Sasha F

Graphic Designer

Lena helped me truly realize that failures can be valuable life experiences, I’m now better at learning from them and moving past.

After our sessions, I became less afraid of failure and better able to see life’s challenges in a positive way. Now, whenever I feel like there’s a possibility of failure — I don’t immediately go into a panic mode as I did before, but try to see the situation from different perspectives.

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Antonia Cimini

Video reporter and journalist

Lena is a meticulous, creative and thought-provoking coach. Working with her has been a journey into a better understanding of my career choices and venturing out of my comfort zone.

Lena has a rich professional background that I feel has been crucial for me. She asks question from an unexpected point of view and she comes up with exercises that help me to find the core of my quest and give me long-term tools to achieve my target. I feel empowered and committed after each session with her.

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Lise Floris

Freelance Journalist

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Lena.

I had gone from being a full-time EU official to being a freelance writer, and I often struggled to find the self-discipline that is required when you are your own boss. Furthermore, I was involved in many different activities and had a hard time finding out what most important for me.

Not only did Lena provide me with tips and methods to find that self-discipline again, she also helped me discover what really matters to me – and not least how important it is to learn to say no. Even when you feel honored to be invited to be part of a new project.

Apart from being a great listener,  Lena is also very good at motivating.

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Strategy Consultant and Transaction Advisor

After working with Lena, I realize that my attitude towards work and life has changed significantly and to the better.

Leaving my professional network behind and having to rebuild my career from scratch, it took quite some time to get my feet back on the ground. But with the help of Lena, I did not only manage to do so, but I am also fundamentally happier now.

Today, I am living my values and I have a fulfilled life, I have to say, professionally and personally.

I want to believe that I got here by myself, and I did, but without working with Lena, I would be at a different place.

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Learning and Development Director

I believe Lena works magic on me in navigating me to explore every beam of light in me, my personality and what is important to me.

At the very beginning, this light from me was just like a candlelight, I explored further and the light became stronger and stronger. Eventually I felt I stood in warm sunshine: I became confident, graceful and firm, and it helped me live in the world – full of hope.“

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Strategic Account Executive

The coaching sessions with Boldsteps have brought a whole new perspective for me, which I’ve been able to successfully apply to working and personal life already.

I have taken key learnings from these sessions I will retain for the rest of my life.

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